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Our Stories


Cat and kittens

Sally is a Manx cat who found herself pregnant and running stray in a KC neighborhood. She was shy and scared of people, but happy to approach a bowl of food if no one was nearby. We got contacted and asked to trap her and give her a safe place to have her babies. When we first brought her into our home she was very scared, but a safe space and good food soon brought her out of her shell. She was soliciting attention and very loving in just a short time.


Sally had three very tiny kittens a couple of weeks later. Two inherited her lack of tail and one is a "longie," or a Manx cat with a tail. We named them Lock, Shock and Barrel after some favorite movie characters.

The smallest baby, Barrel, has some birth defects which are pretty common with Manx cats. She has a mild case of spina bifida. Her back legs aren't quite developed correctly and she struggled with getting around. She was a little slow to grow as well.


But CritterHouseKC supported us in not giving up on this girl. We watched her carefully, gave her supplemental feedings and lots of love to help her grow. Nearly three months later, she is turning into an amazing and determined little cat. Bit by bit she has learned the skills she needs to thrive and keep up with her sisters! She plays and wrestles with them, runs as fast as any kitten, and has even learned to climb anything she can get her front paws around securely. It is truly inspiring to see her determination and her playful and happy personality. We are so thankful to be a part of her journey, and for the opportunity CritterHouseKC gave her and her siblings for a great life! 

- Tracy, CritterHouseKC Foster Mom


This young lady is Lola. Lola is a single mother of nine! She found herself homeless when her caretaker suddenly passed away. With no place to go to raise her children CritterHouseKC took her into our care. She went into loving and supportive foster home and began raising her babies to be upstanding young canine citizens. When they were ready to leave Lola, each had a loving adopted family ready for their arrival.


Ms. Lola went to a more semi-permanent placement awaiting her spay before reuniting with her caretaker’s family! Not only were we able to support her when she needed us most, but we helped her babies get a good start at becoming someone’s best friend!

- Lisa, CritterHouseKC Co-founder 

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